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From 12k per month to 50k per month salary through JayathSoft.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Shaik Subhani Vignan's Institute ( Civil ) 7.5Lakh PA

I am very happy that my son got job with high package after perfect training from Jayathisoft, in this corona pandemic times. In our relatives my son only got high salary. My son completed civil engineering, got job with in a month but salary is 12k per month. I was not happy with that salary. Later i heard about this opportunity from one of our relative. He spent 15months in training. I am very happy with his dedication, hard work and support from trainer. Now our dream came true. Now his salary is 7.5 lakhs. Not only technically, he also learned many things and improved personality. This training really changed my sons life. Its really great family is very happy about this .

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