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From 12k per month to 50k per month salary through JayathSoft.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Shaik Subhani Vignan's Institute ( Civil ) 7.5Lakh PA

I am overjoyed to share the remarkable success story of my son, who, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, secured a high-paying job thanks to the exceptional training provided by Jayathisoft. In our circle of relatives, he stands out as the sole recipient of a lucrative salary package.

My son, a civil engineering graduate, initially secured a job with a modest monthly salary of 12k. Dissatisfied with this, I explored alternatives and stumbled upon Jayathisoft through a relative. Witnessing my son's commitment, hard work, and the unwavering support of the trainers during the rigorous 15-month training was truly heartening.

The outcome was nothing short of a dream come true – his salary soared to an impressive 7.5 lakhs. Beyond the technical skills he acquired, he also underwent a profound transformation in terms of personality and character development. This training, in essence, reshaped his life in ways beyond measure.

The impact of this journey extended far beyond professional growth; it radiated through our entire family, filling us with immense happiness and pride. Jayathisoft's contribution to my son's journey is immeasurable, and our family is eternally grateful for this life-altering experience.

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