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From nowhere to 16Lakh package in 2 years.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

M Venkateswarlu

Audisankara Institute of Technology, Nellore.


I am very happy about my son's career after he joined to JayathiSoft.

the post in his words

it's an amazing training centre, why because the way you teach and motivate us to concentrate on the studies and future is Excellent. The person who has no idea on the software industry like me, his now earning 1 lakh+ rupees for month, that it self defines how "JayathiSoft job training" will be.

I have completed my graduation in Audisankara Institute of Technology, Nellore in the year 2016 after that, I did multiple courses but that didn't helped me. At that time I heard about JayathiSoft job training, there I joined on 26 -01-2018, and got job with in 6 to 7 months with the package of 6.5Lakh PA.

After joining, I put my efforts and knowledge, what I have learnt from the training helped to get settled in life with in a year.

Now I am working as a senior engineer in a MNC with a package of 16Lakhs PA.

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