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My daughter was so sensitive

when she got rejected in the final round of TCS she was very disappointed by that incident. I was very scared by seeing her.I left her career for her choice,

In conversation with

my cousins in a meeting I heard about JayathiSoft and packages of their students I was surprised and told to my daughter, we came to Bangalore and spoke to the students studying there heard a Happy and positive feedback,now I was soooooo happy that my daughter was in the right path of her career and I observed a huge difference in her way of thinking, she was very confident,handling failures in a positive way thank you JayathiSoft.

Being a mother.....

I am very thankful to JayathiSoft for providing good quality food and hygiene hostel. Thank you for teaching yoga her health condition got improved, As a mother I was so happy,satisfied joining her in JayathiSoft she started her career with good package and mainly observed good healthy eating habits,confidence,positive thinking in her thank you for awering students about health


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