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My daughter got ready to do a job for 8k per month but, through Jayathisoft now she's earning 12Lakh

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Suma, Eluru.

Ramachandra College Of Engineering

Hi this is Suma. My daughter Syamala, did her B.Tech(ECE) in Ramachandra college of engineering ELURU with 75% and tried for software job about a year. Got a job for 8k per month, got frustrated and depressed because of no better opportunity around us.

Later I heard about this opportunity from one of relative. She joined in JayathiSoft and got trained till she get a job (for 1 year), our dream came true. Now she is earning 50k per month, changed our life and fortune. Not only job, she also learnt many things and improved her personality. It's a great learning.

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