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My daughter resigned her cognizant job and joined JayathiSoft, now doing great

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

 Y T V Prasad & Bharathi, Vizag

My daughter completed her BTech from SRM University, Chennai with 9.2 CGPA and she got placement in campus for CTS . Later we came across JayathiSoft, which provides a better opportunity and higher salaries.  So we came all the way from Vizag to Bangalore and visited  JayathiSoft. That visit made us to take a right decision of joining there. My daughter resigned her job and joined by believing in JayathiSoft, rest is the story."In my daughter’s words,Now I am working  as automation engineer in a reputed MNC. The technology we get to learn here will give us double growth in industry and same with the individual development where we get to learn a lot in the period of the course and I have referred around 5 friends where they have also resigned there previous jobs and had joined course in the belief of JayathiSoft and now they are working in reputed companies and they are very happy and families as well". Thank you for changing lives  

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