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My son's education is my top priority, through my friend......

Updated: Feb 22, 2022



the rest in my son's words


I did my B.Tech (MECH) in Loyola Institute of Technology and Management in 2017.

We heard good news about this opportunity one year back from my dad's friend had told us about this job training, while am studying my third year .That day dad decided to join me to JayathiSoft after my graduation

One fine day I joined to JayathiSoft and got trained till I get a good job . On one great day have placed in reputed MNC with 8.9L PA.

Specially thanks to mam for guiding and motivating and Thanks again for changing our lives and my family will always remember JayathiSoft.

Thanks so much for your very valuable training and motivation.

I'm pretty sure any one will crack interviews easily with high package than what we expected in MNC.

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