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Successful from a messy state, Ramakrishna rao, Piduguralla

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

CR Reddy Engineering College, Eluru

let me start introducing my self  Manikanta. I am currently working as software engineer in Bangalore since 5+ years. I would like  share my life changing experience I had with my career.Let me share little bit of about my academics, I was above average student passed with 89% in 10th , 93 percent in 12th and 83% in graduation and most importantly my EAMCET ( which is common engg entrance  exam in AP ) rank was around

So by seeing this numbers, one would have already thought that I would have placed in on campus.  

Guess what?????

That's not true. I came out of my college with 83% without any job in the year 2013, so being from a middle class family I don't know what to do as my father could not afford for my post graduation or higer studies, so what next????

Well I have to make my decision about my carrier, during that phase, one of my friend said that he got job by paying one lac in backdoor, so I thought why I should not( human tendency is always like that attract to something which comes easy), so asked my father, though he is not affordable to get one lac he borrowed from his friends and he paid the amount, then I joined in that company. After joining I understood that easy getting things will not last longer, I lost whole money because after a month that company was no more into existence.

So now what, I was more worried as I have to pay that one lac which my father borrowed and most importantly I lost my job.

Being passed out with such academic background and no job....I literally struggled a lot....a lot ..I don't know how to express it but I had gone through very very difficult phase at that time. 

But, God will have always have better plans for you.

One more friend of mine said he is taking coaching in Bangalore as he is also in search of job and he strongly suggested me to come there but being already lost one lac I could not ask my father money again because I knew he cannot afford the fee and it got prolonged.....prolonged....for couple of months, later I felt bad about myself and somehow i convinced my father as this as my last attempt and thankfully he agreed.... As every tunnel has its end, I believe my bad phase slowly ended after joining JaythiSoft training. I would  like to thak my dad, sir and also my friend ( who referred me here). One word about JayathiSoft's  sir, he is very very committed person. (I love you sir always) if you are serious about getting a "JOB"....let me reframe it, a  "GOOD JOB" are at the right place.

Finally after one long year since my graduation I  was at the right place in May 2014. During that time  We( me along with my two friends) have to reach to class around 6am in the morning and had to travel almost 5 to 6kms through bmtc bus where direct bus fare costs us around 12 or 14 rs. During morning hours we used to comes normally by bus directly to attend class , once class completes we used to walk around  2 kms so that the bus fare becomes 5rs..... Struggled.....struggled but never lost hope after joining here...and never stopped studying.....(Studied very hard.....)

Hardwork always pays you when you have good guidance. After 1.2 years, I got placed in one of the reputed company on July 2015 with annual ctc of 5.5lac. Now I am here in 2020 with annual CTC of 16lac per annum. Life changed. Got married and soon going to be father..... Again thanks to my Dad and Sir, without you I could not even imagine my life.

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