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I joined 2 of my cousins, now 30+ Lakhs is their salary!!!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Ventaka Seshu, Senior Consultant at Capgemini

Through my close friend, i came across JayathiSoft training. Visited the place & got impressed without any second thought joined my cousins. My Cousins Nagaraju.A & Kiran.E had completed his BTech Biochemistry and came to Bangalore with the aim to work in Software industry and he don’t have a background of computer science at all. He was enquiring to learn some manual testing concepts.Later He got trained there in advanced technologies in JayathiSoft. Initially they told 6 months is the time to get a job but he got within 5 months and he is working for a MNC with a package of 30Lakhs+ PA. Thanks to JayathiSoft.

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