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Tried different ways to get job in multiple organisations but didn't work out. JayathiSoft gave me

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

P. Sivananda Rayalu

RCE, Eluru.

My son did his B.Tech in Ramachandra College of Engineering, Eluru. Before we knew about JayathiSoft, he tried different ways to get job in different organisations but it didn't work & he didn't get any job. One of his friend suggested about JayathiSoft.

My son went with fear n he doubted about himself weather he will get job or not, after joining he learned lot of things there not only technology, he learned how to achieve something hard n how to get success,

Now he is getting 7.1 Lakhs PA, this is his biggest achievement in life, The man behind all those things I truly admire him, now I'm here bcoz of u Thank u sir ☺️

Now I'm very happy, my entire family thankful to JayathiSoft.

Journey with JayathiSoft is much needed in your life.

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